Friday, June 21, 2013

I Sometimes Wonder...

Do you ever wonder what people think of you? I always do. Its not that it really effects me, but it does make me look at things differently I suppose. When people talk about me I really can only feel sorry for them. I feel as if they have nothing else to do but start harmless drama about topics that aren't even relevant. And then I wonder about people; family, friends, and so on. I honestly do not think its a bad thing to think of things, or think of people. Only when its negative thoughts. That's when you need some help. Just saying! I understand that its not always normal to put other people before you, but I honestly cannot think of a better way to do it. Yes some people think that since I look like the average blonde there isn't much to me. Especially since I live in Alabama. I don't listen to  the average pop you hear on the radio, nor do I smoke weed with people to try to fit in. I am myself and I do care about others. That may be hard to believe that people like that are still here, but believe me. We're here, just not that loud and pronounced about it.

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