Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This guy.

This guy at my school is perfect. But the fact he flirts with so many girls, and he has a girlfriend.. But he also likes me he said. So why isnt he willing to break up with her for me, that's my main question. 
And he's all over this one girl and I called him out for it today. But whatever, it's not like one girl, let alone me will change his mind. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Since I'm a junior now I feel like it's more responsibly, of course. But besides that comes another year of drama. It's already started up.. I thought this guy was perfect! But then he forgot to mention the fact he had a girlfriend.. How thoughtful right? I honestly called him out all day, my sister did as well. I mean what did he expect when he led on a twin.. The other one will come after him! Now whenever he sees me he looks down. Which is kind of sad because I think he's so cute and I really wish he didn't have a girl friend but I'm not even going to bother, he flirted with so many girls it's ridiculous.. Anyways, prom is at the end of the year and I'm already worrying about the fact that NO ONE will probably ask me. The troubles.