Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Waiting; gone to waste.

After 3 years of "being" with the same guy, he decided to tell me that he doesn't think its a good idea to wait for each other. The first year we were on and off, the second year we were pretty steady. Then this last year I moved to good ole' Alabama and we decided since we loved each other we would wait for each other. A couple days ago he started to doubt everything. Then two days ago I saw a picture of him kissing another girl. Another twin to be exact. Funny right? So of course I asked him about the picture and he replied with " yeah aren't we cute?" At that point in time I was ferrous, Olivia (MY TWIN) was reading the messages he sent to me out loud because I couldn't get myself to look at them. So he said "everything happens for a reason" BUT he still cares about me, I think that he is the biggest jerk. He told me it was hard for him not to be with any other girls. Any other ways he can make me feel bad? Oh yeah! He knows how to deal with me when I'm angry so after he made it seem like its all my fault he told me "he cares about me and he wants us to stay close because I was his first love." Well I say go screw yourself. 

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